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The attractions of buying property in the USA are obvious, and it’s still seen as the land of opportunity, the New World, to many.  People are attracted to the employment opportunities, or the chance to join the melting pot of culture found in the larger cities – and of course there is the fact that you can buy a detached villa in Orlando, Florida, near Walt Disney World, with a pool and yard for the cost of a one bedroom flat in many UK towns.
There are, of course, numerous of pitfalls you could fall into when buying in the USA, but the good news is that these pitfalls can be avoided by treating each step towards completing your purchase with caution – from your original planning, research and viewing trips and then financing it, through to completion and ownership. If just one of these steps is not managed or researched carefully, problems can arise, typically leading to stress and the loss of money.
The USA Buying Guide, part of the Overseas Guides Company, is your free resource to help you through every step of your journey to purchasing your dream property in the USA – from the initial research, to finding that dream home, to dealing with financial and tax aspects of an overseas relocation, to transferring your funds into dollars for your purchase. 
We have local expat writers in the USA, along with our content team in the UK, meaning we are able to offer you the most in-depth and relevant information on the topics that will most affect you. Our expats in the USA have already been through the relocation process, meaning they are perfectly placed to offer you their own experiences and tips – as well as sharing their mistakes so you don’t make the same ones!

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