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British expats’ Florida favourites

If you’re planning to buy property in Florida, no doubt you’ve spent a little time investigating which sights to visit upon arrival. Of course, these obvious attractions aren’t always the ones that end up being your favourites – in fact, as you get to know your new local area and explore further afield, we’ve no doubt you’ll find your favourite hidden corners of your own. 
The USA Buying Guide chats to expats who’ve moved to Florida, or who spend every winter in the State, about their most-loved locations in their adopted home.
Tabitha White bought in Orlando back in 2006…
“Florida is obviously known for its beaches, and as I’m a beach lover through and through, I’m really spoilt for choice. I’ve conducted considerable research and my absolute favourite has to be Grayton Beach State Park on the Florida panhandle. It’s a fair drive from where we’re based in Orlando, but it’s just hands-down the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been to: the white sand, the warm water, the fact that it’s nowhere near as built up as the rest of the beaches in Florida. It’s stunning and I’d recommend it to anyone visiting that part of the State.”
Luke Mitchell emigrated from London to Miami for work in 2012…
“I love living in Miami. I mean, how can you not? It certainly beats life in South East London! It’s an exciting place to be, but I also enjoy getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre every once in a while. When I feel the need, I always head to The Barnacle Historic State Park. It’s located in the Coconut Grove suburb of Miami, which is a lovely, leafy suburb on Miami’s Biscayne Bay. At the park, you can explore the old property of Ralph Middleton Munroe, one of Miami’s most successful pioneers. It’s peaceful, there’s a bit of history, and the grounds are beautiful.”
Charlie Burnham bought with his wife Tina in St Petersburg near Tampa in 2010…
“I’m a fishing fanatic! It’s something that Tina’s patiently put up with for years! This is why hands-down my favourite spot is the Skyway Fishing Pier State Park. The fishing is great – mackerel, grouper, sea bass, red snapper – all the ones you want for the barbeque, basically! It’s wonderful when we have our family staying as I can entertain myself catching dinner, whilst the rest of the family go kayaking or swimming. Perfect!”